How is Whiskey Made?

Whiskey is made the same as beer with a mash of grains, such as barley (which could be malted), corn, rye, or wheat. The grains are mixed with water and yeast for fermentation converting starches to sugars that become alcohol. Then the mixture is run through a pot still or continuous column still, which heats the liquid into a concentrated vapor. This comes out the other end as a high-proof liquid distillate that is clear by boiling and then fermenting or by infusing into hot water . Whiskey is not brewed, but rather, it is distilled. We are committed to providing quality as well as value and, over the past year, both our retail and catering own label ranges have received awards for their quality credentials. King Liquor Shop provides you with of services including Wholesale and Distribution of Alcoholic and Non alcoholic beverages on a National and International basis. Our team has facilities, contacts and vast experience in Importing/ Exporting and stocking goods.

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Sip Whiskey is the leading-edge of the online alcohol world! Going the extra mile in offering not only the best seller whiskies but the limited edition spirits as well for those experienced Connoisseurs! The best collection of whiskey, beer, wine and other high end spirits all at your finger tips and delivered straight to your door. Sit back, relax, and savor the world’s finest alcohol from the comfort of your own home. we have over 40 years of experience in selecting and supplying the world’s most coveted liquors. Whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion, give a sentimental gift or simply indulge in a fine glass of your favorite stuff, we are here to deliver the rarest and most desirable liquors.

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king Liquor Shop is not just an e-shop with the beverages. We are desired reward in Friday evening after difficult week, weekend barbecue with friends, birthday party, we are with you while watching the match of your favourite team on TV, romantic dinner with a partner or hopefully successful date when you score with the first kiss. Since 2010, the beers and wines from our e-shop have become a part of your important moments as well as those which we experience day by day. Since 2014 our distillates have been standing on tables when celebrating the birth of many children, including our own. We also stood by you during breakups and sad moments. We have always been proud that the beverage we offer belong among the ones of the best in the world.

king Liquor Shop offers the finest wines, whiskeys, spirits, and mixers for its customers to buy online. With 45 years of experience in the industry, we offer a secure online ordering to get your favorite bottle right at your doorstep.

We offer a one-stop solution if you want to buy drinks online. Our patrons trust us to be part of their lives – their parties, celebrations, dinners, and momentous occasions. If you need to buy spirits online, we are your answer.

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The King Liquor Shop is also a wholesaler & supplier to Bars, Restaurants, Michelin star restaurants, Clubs, Gastro Pubs supplying in USA, Europe and UK. With competitive pricing and a wealth of expertise to help craft your wine and cocktail menus.

We value close Customer working relationships which in turn produce cost-effective, efficient pricing and service. We carry a complete range of drinks both mainstream, niche and newly launched products and supply Spirits, Soft drinks and beers including the largest range of Champagne Globally.

Our buying and Trade team provide Whiskey Listing advice, Point of Sale Products and Private On-Trade tasting Events; and currently supply Michelin Star Restaurants, Cocktail Bars and Gastro Pub chains as well as small independents locally and Nationwide.

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Contact us for more info on corporate and large orders. We can custom design a package for you that your recipient’s will love! We will put your whole order together for you, all we need is an Excel sheet with your recipient’s info and we will take care of the rest. With custom colored hand engraving, gift wrap options, and custom greeting cards its no wonder more companies choose us over the competition.

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These days, there are a lot of celebrity Tequilas (of widely varying quality, acceptance and levels of celebrity involvement). But back in 2013, when actor George Clooney and hospitality maven Rande Gerber (aka Mr. Cindy Crawford) launched Casamigos, it was still a new concept. And it became very clear they were vested in the brand’s success; it was generally well received by the King Liquor Shop Drink Industry. In June 2017, spirits giant Diageo Passed a Message that he was taking over the brand for a LOT of money and moving production to we his comapany Drinks are  Manufactured. The celebrity duo would stay on as the Face of the Brand.

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